Contact™ - Contact Management
Contact™ - Contact Management

Contact Business Case is a one-stop application that manages communication to and from all contacts for those with multiple methods of communication. Through this application, the contact is automatically directed to the best way to reach the user depending on geographic location, WiFi network, the time of day, and identity of the contact.

Geo Location Optimization

Contact Business Case allows the user to receive calls via a specific communication channel based on the user’s location with the help of its Geo Location Optimization feature. Similarly, calls are directed to a suitable communication channel based on the user’s WiFi connection.

Calling Options

The application’s Dialer feature gives the option of calling certain contacts for free or at discounted prices. Contact Business Case also provides DND capability, allowing the user to screen or redirect calls according to the time of day, location of the contact, or availability. Communication via various channels is made possible with the help of plugins such as Skype, ooVoo and Facetime.

Features & Benefits

  • Location based call forwarding
  • WiFi network forwarding
  • Time of day forwarding
  • Specific contact forwarding
  • Battery level forwarding
  • Call from specific location forwarding
  • Communication channels
    • All phone number(s)
    • Skype
    • ooVoo account
    • Facetime

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