BancMate® - Comprehensive Mobile Banking
BancMate® - Comprehensive Mobile Banking

BancMate® is an integrated, multi-channel mobile banking and money management platform. It is designed to provide users with a greater level of control over their money and the ability to do more with their money in a single application. Money management is simplified through BancMate’s various dashboards which allow the user to view all accounts, pay physical bills, scan and deposit checks, send and receive money, track expenses, create reports, and perform many other such actions. As a one-stop, intuitive money management platform, BancMate provides a unique mobile banking experience to customers.

Quick Links & Account Summary

With the help of its machine learning functionality, BancMate prepopulates the home page with quick links based on the dashboards that are most frequently visited by the user. Also view spending throughout the year with a graph on the home page showing a month to month comparison of the user’s spending. Get a bird’s eye view of existing funds with BancMate: swipe left for a view of all of the user’s bank accounts, including the PayPal and Bitcoin plugins. BancMate wanted to give its users an opportunity to do as much as possible with their money from a single application. Therefore, it has an Action menu that pops up on every page, giving users an opportunity to perform a variety of actions. For instance, the Action menu on the account summary page allows users to transfer funds to another account.

Recent Activity

BancMate’s machine learning feature categorizes all expenses on the Recent Activity dashboard. The Action menu in Recent Activity allows users to click on a transaction to categorize it if machine learning has not done so already. You can also filter the transactions by category, expense and keyword.

Check Deposit

Deposit checks and check deposit history from the Check Deposit dashboard. Choose the account to deposit into and manually enter the deposit amount. Scan both sides of the check with the help of BancMate’s OCR technology feature, and deposit it.

Pay Bills

BancMate helps users to plan expenses by making a note of the recurring bills, giving a view of the previous month’s expenses, and scheduling bills which are to be paid the following month. Also, BancMate’s OCR engine allows users to pay physical bills simply by uploading a picture of the bill onto it, and entering all the relevant details.

Customized View of Spending

BancMate’s Spending dashboard gives a graphically represented, detailed, categorized view of the user’s spending. Clicking on different segments of the graph gives a filtered view of spending in that category.

Features & Benefits


• Easy payment of physical bills with OCR technology
• Budgeting and spending summary
• Rewardio, Paypal, and Bitcoin plugins
• Sending and receiving money
• Action menus

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