Athena™ - Business Management Platform
Athena™ - Business Management Platform

Athena is a next generation web and mobile business management platform, built to organize your company's data and drive actionable intelligence for enhanced profitability and connectivity. We specialize in data aggregation, visualization, and team connectivity, so you can quickly analyze, collaborate, and take action to enhance business performance. Athena enables real-time visibility and analysis of your most important data streams, so you can optimize your operations and drive execution.

Big Picture Perspective

Athena brings clarity and perspective to disparate data streams, revealing ‘big picture’ patterns in the business. Real-time analytics applied to key, relevant data streams enable companies to optimize their operations and enhance execution.

Interactive Dashboards with Dynamic Drill Down Capabilities

With Athena, you can gain actionable intelligence at both the macro and micro levels. Quickly shift from a broad scope view of company data to an in-depth analysis by drilling down to key drivers, volume, personnel and vendor roll ups, benchmark tracking of employees, profiles, and many other factors. The Athena dashboard provides users with a high level of flexibility. One can switch easily between actual numbers, forecasts, budgets, and variance based on the data to be analyzed. Charts and tables can be configured and removed/added as needed. Users can also slice and dice dashboards at the business unit, facility, customer, or manager level, ensuring that the company data can be optimally filtered to drive actionable intelligence.

Efficiency Boosters for Key Departments

Improve productivity and efficiency throughout the organization in various departments:
Finance - Real-time visibility into revenue, cost, profitability, and cash flow
Operations Management - Process monitoring, KPI tracking, actionable alerts
IT & Technology - Project management, issue monitoring, QA
Production - Contests, incentives, corporate connectivity, and voice
HR - Performance management, onboarding, attrition, and employee profiles
Sales & Marketing - Churn analysis, opportunity drill down, net promoter score (NPS), ROI

Features & Benefits


• Available as a web and mobile application
• Identification of key drivers
• Real-time consolidation of disparate data
• Actionable insights and recommendations based on results
• Macro to micro drill down
• Team communication and connectivity
• Production incentives
• Predictive optimization and alerts

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