Collections Management

Collections Management

Collections Management

We’ve turned collections into a science

Industry leading recovery rates

Extensive infrastructure and collections network delivers results

Flexible, scalable, and global operations

Experienced staff offer industry best practices

Quality assurance and strict compliance protocols ensure proper processing


Exela provides more than 30 years of comprehensive collections services experience liquidating first and third party debt. We combine extensive expertise in the science of collections with a global infrastructure, proprietary technology, and a self-refining methodology that has made us an established industry leader.


Our recovery rates are among the highest in the industry, and we accomplish this while upholding the highest standards of professionalism and operational excellence, including compliance with all applicable laws and regulations pertaining to our services.

Explore the Benefits

Core Collections Services

  • Complete Case Management
  • Pre-Charge-Off, Early Out, Pre-Collect, Primary, Late Stage
  • Inbound / Outbound (Live, IVR, SMS, Email, Print & Mail)
  • Address Services & Advanced Skip Tracing
  • Knowledge Discovery & Rich Customer Profiling
  • Analytics, Predictive Modeling, and Risk Assessment
  • Payment Negotiations

Integrated Collections Platform

A multimedia contact management system combines desktop advisor software with mobile apps, a web-based payment portal, and omni-channel, semi-automated inbound and outbound communications to provide exceptional recovery rates.

Data Collection & Management

Our data enrichment and consolidation system aggregates disparate data from various sources to help build detailed profiles that enable improved outreach, analytics, reporting, predictive modeling, and waterfall skip tracing. Advanced scoring models help prioritize recovery efforts to maximize success rates.

Call Forecasting & Predictive Dialing

Outbound call operations are optimized through the use of predictive dialing solutions that automatically call a list of phone numbers in sequence, screening out no-answers, busy signals, voicemail, and disconnected numbers while predicting at what point a recovery specialist will be able to handle the next call.

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