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What we offer

Exela helps organizations to structure, manage, and leverage their unstructured or structured content. It also assists clients in aggregating, creating, developing, editing, and repurposing content for the digital age. Our integrated solutions help publishers, libraries, academic and R&D institutions, and corporations reduce expenses and accelerate production time in order to deliver effective information, products, and solutions. Focused on meeting the challenges of content reusability as market demands and technology evolve, we provide value-added services to publishers across the legal, financial, educational, science, technical, medical, humanities, and social sciences fields.

Exela provides publishers with end-to-end project management, editorial, graphics and composition, delivery, testing, technology, business analytics, and product support services. We have all the resources that data and content publishers need to stay ahead of the competition. Electronic Content Management (ECM) solutions at Exela are provided as software-as-a-service (SaaS) to publishers as a part of our continual innovation for content technologies. The ECM solutions by Exela enable corporations to intelligently extract, archive, manage, analyze, discover, and share information from structured or unstructured content.

How We Can Help


The ECM solutions by Exela provide our clients with web research and business analytics, aggregation, creation and development, authoring, peer reviewing, and content vetting solutions and services. Our experts provide plagiarism-free content development and structuring services.

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ECM solutions by Exela provide our clients with a fully automated metadata extraction engine which provides consistent quality and eliminates manual tagging, thereby achieving immense cost savings and drastically improving the turnaround time. Our language agnostic solutions are of great help to multinational content publishers/enterprises.

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Our ECM solutions offer high-class editorial services and full service project management through Exela's team of highly experienced SMEs and our automated processes: pre- and copyediting, indexing and abstracting, taxonomy and classification enrichment, and translation.

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Exela's ECM solutions include end-to-end publishing services using various XML-based workflows: XML-first or XML-IS. We have excellent design, graphics, and composition capabilities to handle any environment or complexity. We provide XML conversion services irrespective of complexity and volumes. Our BoxOffice solution provides an end-to-end digitization solution to our clients.


Our ECM solutions provide clients with SME-based development of various products from unpublished and published content. Supplementary learning and training material, such as instructor-led training modules with assessments, glossaries, and a bibliographic database, is among the many products that our SMEs and intelligent extraction engines produce. For legal content, we have been able to automate synopsis and headnote writing for a number of geographies. As a part of repurposing the content, our automated workflows enable our customers to digitize their crucial content using various non-destructive scanning techniques.

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Exela's ECM solutions equip clients with customer and subscription support solutions and services using our iCRM module. Our executives in various locations are trained and experienced in assisting customers through voice, chat, and email.

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