1 B 
Documents presented annually
4 K  +
Lockboxes managed
40 K 
Branch offices using remote and mobile capture
400 TB 
Electronic data stored on platform

What we offer

Whether you need help with account origination, accounts payable management, claims processing/payment, mailroom automation, or customer experience management, Exela offers solutions built on years of insurance industry expertise.

Exela provides a comprehensive end-to-end handling service, including calls from policy holders advising us of first notification of loss, real-time diary management, support accident management schemes, and a claims handling service which includes financial and reservation functionalities.

How We Can Help

Claims Handling and Adjudication

Award-winning technology systems and service provision, combining domain expertise and innovative IT solutions.

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Enterprise Information Management

Multi-channel ingestion, integration, and navigation for internal and external documents

Content summarization tool with routing to appropriate departments, alerts/notifications, and archival/retrieval

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Financial Services

Robust exception management solutions and payment gateways for the management of physical and electronic lockbox, receivables, cash, and expenses

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Business Process Management

Optimize business processes through a highly configurable design studio which enables a business to create its own industry-specific document or case management workflow

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Business Communication Services

Accelerate the production and delivery of on-brand, physical, or electronic statements and notifications

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Unified Communication Services

Intelligent communication and presentment for automated client engagement through any media channel (SMS, chat, voice, print, email, mobile)

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Contract Management

Manage customer contracts, leases, and other critical documentation through identification and extraction of key terms, content summarization and abstraction, amendment tracking, language translation, and monitoring/alerts

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Senior-level enterprise architects, consultants, and project managers with extensive domain expertise in all areas of the auto insurance industry provide consulting for solution engineering, fraud management, compliance, and the legal domain

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Communication Monitoring

Mitigate compliance risk through development of comprehensive customer profiles, management of outbound alerts and notifications, and corresponding customer responses

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Debt Collection

Credit reporting as well as pre-delinquency, third-party debt, and legal collections

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Scanning Hardware & Software

High-volume scanners supported by proprietary software for multi-application, high speed document and payment processing with enhanced quality

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Storage, Destruction, Archival & Retrieval

Secure and compliant on-premises and/or cloud-hosted data archival for real-time data visibility, document management, and reporting

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