Automated Healthcare Solutions


Automated Healthcare Solutions

From the ER lobby to the claims department, Exela’s healthcare solutions help close the gap between patients, providers, and payers.

Exela By The Numbers

US payers and 50+ global health insurance companies


complex claims processed daily


in payments recovered


digital records under management in the Americas

Healthcare Workflow Automation Tools Ease Administrative Burdens

About 6 out of 10 people in the healthcare industry work in administration rather than providing care to patients. This workforce imbalance drives up the cost of care and can result in lower patient satisfaction.

Exela resolves this issue with automated healthcare solutions that add the highest value across key areas such as payment integrity, complex claims processing, and member and patient engagement.

Patient-Facing Software Solutions

Streamlining patient-facing processes offers a huge opportunity to reduce costs and return valuable time to employees. Self-serve health information access and patient billing are just two ways Exela’s software solutions enable patients to manage their healthcare remotely.

Healthcare Administration Tools

Insurance claims processing, records coding, healthcare analytics, and patient billing are time-consuming but essential processes for organizations of all sizes. Exela’s healthcare solutions feature efficient processing, high-volume data collection, and unparalleled technical support.

Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Solutions Suite (HSS)

Picture everything going smoothly – decisions are clear, processes are compliant, data is secure, and the focus is on patient outcomes. This is what we want our partnership to look like.
Interconnected solutions that help optimize recovery rates
Improve the health of your accounts receivable
Technologies that offer easy access and a superior experience
Full lifecycle information management for payers and providers
For decades, Exela has partnered with top healthcare providers
A better way to manage health insurance claims

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Case Study

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