What We Do


Our business process analysts will work with your business, IT and operations teams to design a transformed operation that provides you with a service to deliver agreed business focused outcomes through a predominantly transactional commercial model.

Key Features


How we do it

  • We achieve more for less, because we have in-house consultants, operational and technology professionals to optimise the business process
  • We have our hands directly on the technology levers - we are more agile because we are close to the technology and we have more control

We invent

  • If there is a gap in the market, or we have a specific need, Exela designs and manufactures both hardware and software technology solutions to bridge the gap

Production management

  • We use our unique in-house Operations Management Methodology to optimise production management, control and flexibility

Process re-engineering

  • We simplify processes, remove waste and add value
  • We use modelling tools that test ‘what-if’ scenarios prior to deployment

Analytics and reporting

  • Our analytics tools help us to understand the problem at hand
  • We have created an MI platform to provide online operational and client reports


  • We implement our own technology platforms, including scanning, data extraction and workflow, to deliver increased operational efficiencies and improved audit controls


  • We use our case management and Business Process Management (BPM) tools to automate complex business processes


  • Our in-house robotics technology tools are not constrained by expensive licence costs and provide us with the tools to automate repetitive processes and easily to integrate to both your systems and third party systems via existing User Interfaces (UI’s), accelerating the time to business benefits realisation

Best Shore

  • We leverage the scale of our global operations network – both nearshore and offshore – with BPO centres in North and South America, Europe, India and China


  • Our state of the art global MPLS networks and data centres allow us to leverage our investments for your business needs

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