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Exela Targeted Marketing services measure and record every user interaction with your website, marketing campaigns, and sales personnel to build detailed customer demographics based on customer responses. By segmenting customers into behavior groups, Exela is then able to engage customers with the optimal communication.

We can help you generate more sales leads, increase brand exposure, and ultimately generate an increased return on investment through refinement of your marketing campaigns.

Key Features


Real-time Data

  • Aggregate enterprise customer data, social media / open web, and external proprietary sources
  • Develop comprehensive customer profiles by analysing customer sentiment, usage, events, and influences

Website Optimisation

  • Track website traffic and guide visitors through demographic-based navigation channels

Sales Team Augmentation

  • Integrate marketing and sales channels for intelligent lead generation and nurturing

Alerts & Reports

  • Deploy automated/semi-automated alerts and reports to make on the fly pricing adjustments
  • Select rule templates, apply weights and adjust thresholds

Effective Outreach

  • Predefined templates allow easy, flexible configuration of email, SMS, and social media communications
  • Configure outreach to target customers with the right message when they are most receptive

Engagement Refinement

  • Intelligent customer segmentation & valuation for optimal product bundling and outreach strategies
  • Targeted surveys and analysis of responses used to refine future marketing campaigns

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