What We Do


Exela Mailroom Services help our clients to automate the processing of incoming paper and digital customer communications and payments, ensuring that customer comments, service requests, questions and transactions are correctly routed to the right back office team.

We use sophisticated robotics and business process management tools to ensure that exceptions, errors, omissions and delays are removed from the end-to-end customer service functions.

Where appropriate, we use the SoruceHOV multi-shored back office teams to ensure that costs are optimised and service standards and responsiveness are enhanced.

Our clients benefit from a unified approach to incoming communications that embraces all current and emerging channels with a consistent set of enforced rules to achieve the required outcomes.

What Makes Exela Different

Our heritage as a global pioneer and leader in business process management, transactional and electronic document management services, and enterprise content management provides us with the deep domain knowledge and know-how and proprietary products to deliver best value and business outcomes to our clients.

We invent - if there is a gap in the market or a specific need, Exela invents and manufactures both hardware and software technology solutions to bridge the gap.


Key Features



  • The service platform is a true omni-channel environment, allowing customer communications through all recognised channels to be managed according to specified rules. Messages created via Social Media are subject to the same rigour as formal written communications, emails and webforms. All contacts, regardless of their source, enter our clients' teams as structured service requests and data.
  • A preferred response mode is supported to allow customer responses to be generated through the customers' preferred channels where this conforms to client needs and any specific regulatory framework.


Process Automation

  • Significant advances have been made in process automation through the use of our enterprise class business process management solution, together with proven robotics, to get the correct action undertaken on the correct data without manual intervention. Where this is not possible, comprehensive rules support manual intervention to ensure that this both efficient and accurate.

Availability, Reliability

  • The service is hosted in dual, high availability data centres and is classed as mission critical. Our clients benefit from an unparalleled level of always-on availability, resilience and assured processing.

Certainty and Proof of Process

  • We combine sophisticated workflows, application integration and underlying audit trail tracking to deliver not just the certainty that all communications correctly flow through the system, but also to provide the evidence of all robotic and human decisions and interactions made with every individual contact.

Scale and Capacity

  • The service has the scale required to support clients with very large customer bases who handle millions of incoming contacts and transactions each month. Clients who use our services in the UK and Ireland have over 10 million customers.


We have over 40 years' experience in providing mailroom processing systems and services. Our centres manage large volumes of incoming paper and digital channels for blue chip clients. Our operations are fully secure and are accredited to ISO 9001 and 27001, and are registered under the Data Protection Act. Exela is a BACS acccredited bureau

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