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Exela is a leader in helping businesses transition to ePresentment, or electronic presentment, saving them time and expense compared to paper systems. Until recently, mail ruled the business communication mechanism: statements, bills, customer correspondence, policies, explanation of benefits were all paper-based. However, as technology and business models evolve, a new standard of electronic communication is quickly becoming the new standard. This creates expectations among today’s businesses and consumers for real-time communications. Exela can help organisations seeking to transform their traditional business practice and move towards ePresentment for a cost effective method of communicating.

Key Features


Document Production

  • Automatically package and route documents by type and content
  • Track documents at any stage in the lifecycle
  • Ensures procedural, contractual, and regulatory compliance


  • Electronically deliver statements, bills, invoices, etc. across multiple delivery channels


  • Automatically generate denial notification, correction requests, delinquency, and non-compliance alerts
  • Legal notices for KYC, privacy, and data breaches


  • Email, SMS, or invited pull web delivery
  • Multi-channel status notifications
  • Seamless integration with legacy systems

Client Portal

  • Real-time tracking and access to production and delivery reports
  • View and print documents from secure portal

Archival / Retrieval

  • Content-based segmentation for intelligent archival and retrieval

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