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We provide services capable of being tailored to meet the most specific and demanding needs of the client, delivered by highly skilled and experienced claims professionals with a range of intelligent, rules based products which can be utilised as part of our own outsourced service, integrated within our client’s legacy systems, or accessed via our internet portal.

Key Features


First Notification of Loss (FNOL)

  • Unified Communication Services enabling FNOL by telephone, internet, email, ensuring all key information is captured efficiently and in full, enabling the new claim to be quickly steered to the next step. At all times ensuring the customer journey is smooth and well organised; mobility arranged, repairs organised, liability established and indemnity costs controlled, at all times keeping the customer informed of progress.

Own Damage and Third Party claims management

  • Policyholder repairs are managed to completion using the clients recommended repairers and Third Party claims are validated and adjudicated within the client’s settlement philosophy, by experienced and dedicated claims specialists. Since 2001, this service has included innocent Third Party intervention schemes with authorised hire and injured party rehabilitation.

Credit Hire Defence

  • Service provided to Insurers, defending GTA or non-GTA Credit Hire Operator claims, under delegated authority directly from the New Claim Advice stage including live hire monitoring, or from receipt of the Payment Pack. As pioneers of this service with a wealth of expert specialists who have used our dedicated Evaluate platform since 2010, we are able to guarantee significantly reduced average claim cost settlements. The most recent innovation is a browser based Communication Portal, enabling real time communication between all parties concerned and full transparency of the current claim position.

Subrogated Loss Recovery

  • Recoveries against fault Third Parties are undertaken using our AutoSubro application on a delegated authority basis by our specialist teams, or by our clients using the browser based application, hosted on the product portal.


  • Insurance Times Technology Awards 2011 & 2013– 2011 Winners 'Outstanding Business Partner', 2013 Finalists
  • CII West Midlands Insurance Institutes Awards 2013 – Winners, ‘Service Provider of the Year’

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