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Exela Cash Management Services help our clients to automate the processing of incoming payments and invoices ensuring that exceptions, errors, omissions and delays are removed from the account posting and downstream customer service functions. Our clients are able to offer their customers improved speed and certainty of processing whilst minimising suspense account balances.

Key Features



The service platform is a true omni-channel environment allowing customers to deliver payents through the channel of their choice. This includes third party payments as well as direct receipts. Cheque payments will be supported indefinitely.

Process Automation

Significant advancements have been made in process automation through the use of our enterprise class business process management solution, together with proven robotics to get the correct payment to the correct amount without manual intervention.

Availability and Reliability

The service is hosted in dual, high availability data centres within the European Union. The service is classed as Mission Critical and our clients benefit from this level of assured processing.


We have over 40 years experience in providing payment processing systems and services. Our operation is secure. We are ISO 9001 accredited, ISO 27001 compliant and registered under the Data Protection Act. We are a BACS accredited bureau.

Certainty and Proof of Process

We combine sophisticated workflows, application integration and underlying audit tracking to deliver not just the certainty that all transactions correctly flowed through the system, but also the evidence of all robotic and human decisions and interactions that have been made with every individual transaction.

Scale and Capacity

The service has the scale required to support clients with very large customer bases who process millions of transactions each month. Clients who use our services in the UK have between 250,000 and over 10 million end customers.

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