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By extracting and integrating data from social media, visible and invisible web feeds, customer feedback, internal company databases, and proprietary data silos, Exela expands the impact of information that is critical to an organisation. The Exela brand management platform gathers all available data about each customer, from financial profiles to social influences. The result is a comprehensive web of information, including profile attributes and consumer behaviour.

Key Features


Social Media Channels

  • Capture all communication through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blog, email, and other popular websites
  • Manage and engage with a higher volume of social media messages


  • Develop comprehensive customer profiles by analysing customer history, sentiment, and behaviour
  • Analyse responses to improve brand recognition and improve customer satisfaction with targeted campaigns based on individual or group sentiment


  • Categorise and route social media content to appropriate departments for product reviews, inquiries, requests, complaints, and sales opportunities

Inbound and Outbound Communications

  • Create template-based or customised content to be sent/posted one time or on a scheduled basis
  • Brand protection through identification and removal of inappropriate content

Content Capture & Archive

  • Complete audit trail of all communication to support eDiscovery and legal compliance

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