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From businesses gaining insight on customer loss prevention, to governments targeting fraud, waste and abuse, the Rule14® Solution empowers organizations for real-time decision making. By utilizing our big data automation solution, we enable users to discover, monitor, extract, and analyze large structured and unstructured data sets in a variety of formats and languages.

Rule14® links data sources from an organization’s own databases, visible and invisible web feeds, customer feedback, and proprietary data silos to expand the impact of critical information. The outcome is a comprehensive web of profile attributes and historical behavior.

Using the latest machine learning techniques, Rule14® recognizes trends and patterns in data, identifies correlating factors, analyzes sentiment, and finds significant relationships, events, groups and individuals. Discovered patterns may be viewed through a range of dynamic visualization tools, including a summary dashboard view, with the ability to drill down on select traffic for more pointed investigations.

Rule14® analyzes numerical data for correlations, language for sentiment, and interactions for network relationships. Through an intuitive workflow, our artificial intelligence ("AI") engines learn to filter data noise and mine media channels for the most relevant results.

Key Features


Behavioral Intelligence

  • Descriptive Modeling
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Network Relationships
  • Sentiment Monitoring

Situational Awareness

  • Anomaly Detection
  • Threshold Monitoring
  • Trend Analysis
  • Target Discovery

Revenue Enhancement

  • Targeted Marketing
  • Product Assessment
  • Virtual CRM

Loss Prevention

  • Attrition Management
  • Smart Incentives
  • Intelligent Routing

Data Aggregation

  • Unstructured Data Handling
  • Manual Process Automation
  • Semantic Search

Fraud Waste & Abuse

  • Real-time Discovery
  • Intervention/Recovery
  • Novel Scheme Exposure

Research & Discovery

  • Dynamic Underwriting
  • Drug Discovery
  • Root Cause Analysis

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