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Exela provides a convenient and cost-effective approach to print and mail management with the innovative flexibility of merged physical and electronic communication delivery.

Exela offers end-to-end mailroom services through facilities for unparalleled focus on security and accuracy. We employ leading transaction processing systems and the industry's best practices in our robust, platforms-driven environment to increase postage, print, and production cost savings, as well as better management of all types of business communication.

We offer a complete suite of electronic document distribution, remittance processing, and data file download services that can be incorporated into marketing programme mailings, insurance solutions, and other transaction processing. Our integrated print and mail solutions also include a comprehensive database management, creating mailing lists that are current, functional, and effective. Our clients can manage all aspects of their business online through our robust portal and simplified processes.

Key Features



  • Automated straight-through capture
  • Matching and posting
  • Automated exception handling ensures timely posting

Enterprise Information Management

  • Ingest and integrate documents from different sources
  • Digitise paper for seamless integration with electronic systems

Mailroom Automation

  • Document opening, prepping, and sorting
  • Automatically package and electronically route documents by type and content
  • Paper retention/disposal management

Core Processes

  • Manage claims and application processing with industry templates
  • Benefit administration composition and outreach
  • Produce documents for finance and accounting and automate accounts payable

Workflow Management

  • Task prioritisation and distribution to reduce bottlenecks
  • Track documents at any stage in the lifecycle

Content Summarisation

  • Automatically create abstracts
  • Extract key terms and attributes

Archival / Retrieval

  • Content based segmentation for intelligent archival and retrieval
  • Hosted on regulatory compliant systems

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