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Exela's lockbox solution allows you to seamlessly connect with global delivery centres for expedited consumer payments. It delivers proprietary hardware and software imaging technology ensuring a single, integrated process is applied to every payment, accelerating processing and same-day clearing and balancing activities. Exela ingests structured and unstructured documents, applies the appropriate OCR/ICR to extract the data, and integrates that data into your processes. By providing instant access to transactions, customer service inquiries can be handled immediately online for increased customer satisfaction at a lower cost.

Key Features


Retail/Wholesale Remittance

  • Manage all types of paper remittances for immediate posting and reconciliation
  • Rapid funds deposit and availability with analytics to enhance cash forecasting

Electronic Remittance

  • BancHub services for all forms and syntax of e-payments
  • Merge electronic remittance data with all forms of receivables data
  • Normalise all remittance data for any system of record

Image Cash Letter & ARC

  • Achieve intra-day deadlines with fast cash availability
  • Portal technology for cash receipt and forecasting improvement
  • Employ least-cost-routing technologies for cost management

Hosted Image Archive

  • Complete hosted archive and repository with enhanced search capabilities
  • Platform offers 100% uptime and redundancy
  • Hierarchical accessibility defines permissions, roles, and access to all data 

Interactive Exception Processing

  • Standard or configurable portals for co-management of complex exceptions
  • Rule-based engines for automated or semi-automated data perfection

File Management

  • White list, black list, and full green list capabilities
  • Multi-tenant file management and distribution with all security protocols observed
  • Fully customisable structures 

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