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Exela Data Aggregation services provide secure and compliant ingestion, indexing, tracking, distribution, and storage of your most important documents and images. We receive multiple paper, film, fiche, and electronic formats, and convert them to your preferred electronic format, enabling you to extract key points of data in near real-time.

For physical documents, Exela provides mailroom and fax services, as well as pickup/receipt from your location or a third party, such as a shipping company, post office, or business partner. For electronic documents, Exela accommodates electronic data interchange (EDI), email, FTP, and web services, and can integrate with multiple electronic file formats and physical documents to create single-format packages.

Documents receive a unique identifier, and are tracked through the entire receiving phase to ensure integrity and security. They are then categorised and prepped to store and manage your information appropriately. Analytics provide insight into volumes, sources, categories, and other metrics that support business decisions and strategies.

Key Features


Enterprise Information Management

  • Ingest and integrate documents from different sources
  • Seamless integration of enterprise, open source, and third party data

Document Enrichment

  • Apply OCR, ICR, and OMR technology to automated data capture
  • Improve data quality with cross checking, validity, and relevance tools

Document Classification

  • Automatically package and route documents by type and content
  • Manage change requests and track amendments, and provide version control

Content Summarisation

  • Automatically translate and create abstracts
  • Extract key terms and attributes

Dashboards & Alerts

  • Real-time monitoring through configurable dashboards and reports with dynamic drill down capabilities
  • Configure triggers and monitor thresholds

Archival / Retrieval

  • Content based segmentation for intelligent archival and retrieval
  • Hosted on regulatory compliant systems

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