What We Do


Exela Cash Management Solutions help manage the entire cash cycle for our clients by using advanced modeling techniques and key forensic detailing to maximise funds availability. By providing comprehensive reporting, we put you in charge of your money.

Key Features



  • Enables seamless, straight-through processing with back office support to integrate with existing ERP and/or legacy systems
  • Administration via web or mobile device

Cash Forecasting

  • Simplified cash mapping and status reporting
  • Statistical analytics enable accurate cash flow forecasting 

Information Presentment

  • Aggregate data for global treasury functions
  • Data may be assimilated for efficient validation and confirmation


  • Real-time or scheduled generation of reports for key data
  • Standard or configurable alerts defined by custom business requirements

Analysis & Decisioning

  • Comprehensive analysis of cash position and improved visibility
  • Simulations and strategic models available for simplified reporting


  • Internal controls strengthen governance with oversight norms maintained
  • Regional differences easily integrated
  • Comprehensive stress testing ensures adherence to standards

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