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Manually-intensive accounts payable processes significantly impact a business' bottom line, with companies spending huge amounts each year processing invoices, performing purchase order matches, addressing defects, and responding to vendor inquiries. Exela's accounts payable (AP) automation solution can significantly lower the processing cost-per-invoice and gain improved financial management. By leveraging our advanced technology and optimisation experience, you can effectively automate your entire accounts payable process while still retaining control.

Key Features


Invoice Capture

  • Mailroom services supporting document opening, prepping, and sorting
  • Intelligent data capture from paper and digital invoices from multiple sources
  • Automated OCR/ICR technology for reduced manual entry

Vendor Portal

  • Automatically validate invoices and deliver them into workflows
  • Integration with third party systems such as SAP or Oracle for seamless processing

Support Services

  • Task prioritisation and distribution reduce processing time
  • Collaboration aids faster decisioning


  • Automatically apply client-specific business rules
  • Easily manage exception processing

AP Workflow

  • Real-time dashboards and reports assist in information management
  • Configurable triggers and threshold monitoring for automated alerts when anomalies arise

Analytics & Cash Management

  • Automated, secure cloud storage for archival and retrieval
  • Hosted on regulatory compliance systems

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