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  • We look forward to continuing our relationship with Exela for years to come. The contingency, success fee-based engagement has provided an extremely positive, financial bottom-line return, while requiring minimal staff time on our part…

    Academic Health System, Midwest
  • Inventory control at Exela has been fantastic, the system has not had any issues like we have historically experienced and you added in ACH and auto-adjudication. Last and certainly not least, our 1099 process was flawless this year!

    Large Healthcare Client
  • I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the progress we have made in the past year and owe that success to you all and your respective teams.

    Jessica Williams
    Programme Manager McKesson
  • Thank you all for the focused drive to complete this project and ensure we meet expectations.

    Large Healthcare Client
  • Our long term relationship shows how well this works for all of us. Your time and effort shows in your daily work, as well as your effort in wanting to do the work. You and your team never give up and you are always willing to take on more.

    Mavis L. Gilman
    Director of Healthnet PDM and Capitation
  • Exela understood the sensitive nature of our sacramental records and was able to devise a turnkey solution that would preserve them forever. In addition, we have much better access to our records whenever we need to search them. We appreciate their efforts on our behalf.

    Ron Walker
    Chancellor, Catholic Diocese of Austin
  • BancTec’s Accounts Payable automation solution has enabled our centre-based employees to focus more on value-added responsibilities, and ultimately, improving patient care.

    Kurt Ohlenbusch
    AVP, Disbursements, Concentra

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Healthcare - LexiCode – American Pathology Lab Provider

American Pathology Lab Returns to Positive Cash Flow

This American subspecialty pathology lab provider quickly adapted to the trend that early detection and higher accuracy in diagnosis were the key components of improved healthcare. The organisation recognized the need for an improved, yet cost-effective solution for their coding needs that utilised credentialed coders.


LexiCode - Staff Shortages for Billing Backlog

Tackling a Multimillion Pound Billing Backlog & Staff Shortages

This medical centre is recognised as a leader in women’s health and maternity services in the USA. With the coding backlog growth expanding monthly, the health system struggled to find and retain credentialed coders in the local vicinities of its hospitals. With cash flow becoming an issue, they recognised that a number of challenges existed.


Healthcare - LexiCode - Health System

Health System Comprising 4 Hospitals & 1,140 Beds Relieves Ongoing Staffing Challenges with International Coding Resources

Due to the volume and size of this regional provide in the USA, locating, and employing a sufficient number of credentialed coding resources was an ongoing challenge. In addition, while utilising an outside firm, the health system department suffered from poor performance and quality issues related to the resources provided by their current coding staffing firm.


Healthcare - LexiCode - Demand Package Service Provider

Auto Injury Solutions

Auto Injury Solutions (AIS) had concerns over the quality, turnaround times, and security of previous vendors who processed their “Demand Packages”. The AIS administration was interested in a cost-effective solution for their reverse coding claim needs which utilised credentialed coders as well as improving on the performance, security, and infrastructure provided by the previous vendor. In addition, AIS recognized the value of consolidating vendors to improve efficiency.

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Healthcare - Large Healthcare Insurance Company

Large Healthcare Insurance Company Manages Complex Claims Utilizing PCH Technology

A large American health insurance company experiencing accelerated growth needed to find a better way to manage the claims they were receiving. Burdened by administrative costs and manual intervention requirements, they needed to quickly improve their processes and provider engagement.


Enrollments & Applications

Healthcare - BancTec - American Automated Pill Dispensing Technology Provider

American Automated Pill Dispensing Technology Provider Utilizes Multi-Vendor Services to Save Time & Money

An American automated pill dispensing technology provider outgrew its capability to provide cost-effective 24x7 service to its client base. In addition, high turnover led to problems with customer satisfaction.


Healthcare - BancTec - Concentra

Concentra Utilizes BancPay – Financial Transaction Services

Focus on improving customer service and patient care led Concentra to evaluate cost saving measures throughout the company. After evaluating their processes, they found that they really needed an accounts payable solution that would optimize the AP business process, and provide increased visibility and workflow capabilities to integrate 308 facilities.

Business Process Management

Retail - Nationwide Retail Organisation

American Retail Organisation Utilises HR Record Management Solutions

This American retail organisation’s expansion placed a huge strain on their internal Human Resources (HR) department’s ability to increase the efficiency and quality of their services to employees. Managing and storing paper-based employee files presented a daunting task to the HR department as the number of storefronts continued to multiply. In particular, they were struggling with the ongoing recertification of expired employee documents and the ability to generate timely reports for auditors.


Business Optimisation

Public Sector - US State Dept. Consular Affairs

US State Department, Consular Affairs VISA Case File Digitisation Services

The US State Department Consular Affairs unit had an immediate requirement for the on-site digitisation of historical VISA case files. The state had a mandate to move to a paperless process for VISA application intake and adjudication. Unfortunately, the agency lacked the staff, equipment, and processing capability to manage this task without a partner to help.

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Public Sector - Public Works and Government Services Canada

Document Management Services for Government Services Canada

Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) was faced with declining business opportunities and staff reduction at its location in Matane, Quebec. In order to save jobs and build a new, stronger organisation, PWGSC sought to transform its business model by offering shared services in the areas of document imaging, processing and long-term digital archiving.

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