The Tipping Point of AI: Why You Need Smart Digital Solutions

July 12, 2018
Amy Imhoff

So many of us, as workers, are often stressed about the idea of making a mistake in the workplace – mistakes that could affect everything from regulatory compliance to revenue to customer retention. In the previous Exela blog, the first of four tips on how to drive better customer experience is “...

Drive Better Customer Experience With Exela’s Four Quick Tips

June 18, 2018
Amy Imhoff

Everyone knows the pain and suffering of waiting on hold for a customer service representative after following a winding, push-button menu of too many options that simply lead to another tier of options. What if your customer service system could anticipate needs and anticipate potential issues to...

Exela Technologies Implements Robotic Process Automation to Save the Day!

June 12, 2018
Amy Imhoff

Exela Technologies is leveraging its status as a global technology influencer to focus heavily on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and cognitive automation solutions. As businesses desire more efficient, streamlined ways of accomplishing tasks within processes such as transactions, data gathering...

Earth Day 2018

April 24, 2018
Nick Rossetti

This quarter, the Exela team celebrated Earth Day, which began on April 22, 1970, and has been a driving force in promoting sustainability awareness ever since. Doing our part, Exela helps digitize its customer’s processes, which helps reduce the amount of paper organizations use on a daily basis.... posted March 14, 2018: How did Exela's strategy succeed where others fail? Learn more about Exela's plan for success in the digital world.

March 14, 2018
Peter Bendor-Samuel

I Recently visited with senior executives at Exela Technologies to discuss the interesting strategy their company undertook to succeed in the digital world. Exela's success is like a caterpillar that goes into a cocoon and emerges as something completely different. The "caterpillar" was stodgy,...

Two Huge Ways Intelligent Lockers Streamline Delivery & Operational Logistics for Enterprises

December 6, 2017
Peter Bohjalian

When it comes to package logistics and delivery, the ‘last mile’ is a metaphor used to describe the movement of goods from a centralized fulfillment center to their final destination.  Last-mile delivery is what happens after a package is dropped at reception, yet still needs to make it to the...

The ‘Experience First’ Future of Banking: 3 Ways Digital Transformation Helps Banks Create a Customer-Centric Model

November 30, 2017
Peter Bohjalian

The way customers interact with their bank is changing - from in-person communication at a brick-and-mortar location to a digital-first, omni-channel experience. Mobile check deposit, payment gateways, and app-based banking in general have changed customer expectations, and in turn, they have...

5 Best Practices for Managing Big Data to Drive Decisioning & Revolutionise your Business

November 14, 2017
Peter Bohjalian

It’s a straightforward strategy – effective big data management can help lead to better predictive abilities for businesses, and increased predictive abilities can help create better decisions. As a data-driven approach to business decisioning takes hold across industries, it also becomes a...

Big Data and Digital Transformation: Why Lasting, Effective Digital Transformation Starts with the Data

November 7, 2017
Peter Bohjalian

The ability to gather and compile massive amounts of business-relevant data has been a game-changer for enterprises of all sizes, across all industries. By now, most business leaders realize that this information – referred to as ‘big data’ can help them refine operations, improve messaging for...

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