What We Do


Clearing funds faster and more efficiently no matter where you are.
With over 20,000 financial institutions in the United States and almost 2 million around the world, not every bank or financial institution has the ability to partner with each other. Exela’s interbank settlement solution bridges this gap to clear funds and present the associated data in all currencies, at any time, all over the globe.

Key Features



Individual Message Types (MT) for secure payments and cash management transmissions
Standard and customized short descriptions available

Global Reach

Cloud-based, fast, and efficient funds transfer
Validate and deliver payments safely and quickly

International Standard

Standards that support transaction for clearing, payments, treasury, and trade
We work directly with the ISO standardization body and common payment forums


Internal controls strengthen governance with oversight norms maintained


Customized dashboards for real-time information
Tailored forecasting tools

Securities Settlement

Secure financial reconciliation
Common SLAs and market practices
Settlement operations and liquidity needs are configured by settlement type

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