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Exela contract management services enable complete life cycle management of your company's contracts from contract loading, to amendment tracking and version control, to extraction of key terms and summarization, and finally, archival.  Exela enhances your ability to manage many types of contracts including customer, vendor, and legal contracts as well as facility lease documentation.

Exela offers compliance monitoring, and real-time alerts and notifications to provide improved insight into your company's contractual obligations, helping you avoid violations and penalties.




Key Features


Enterprise Information Management

  • Ingest and integrate documents from disparate sources
  • Digitize paper for seamless integration with electronic systems

Contract Enhancement

  • Manage change requests and track amendments, and provide version control
  • Expert review and contract recommendations

Content Summarization

  • Automatically create abstracts
  • Extract key terms and attributes

Analytics & Adjustments

  • Accurately predict expected payments and contractual allowances
  • Root cause analysis and remediation
  • Manage denials and pricing adjustments

Dashboards & Alerts

  • Real-time dashboards and reports
  • Configure triggers and monitor compliance thresholds


  • Content-based segmentation for intelligent archival and retrieval
  • Hosted on regulatory compliant systems

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