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  • We look forward to continuing our relationship with Exela for years to come. The contingency, success fee-based engagement has provided an extremely positive, financial bottom-line return, while requiring minimal staff time on our part…

    Academic Health System, Midwest
  • Our long term relationship shows how well this works for all of us. Your time and effort shows in your daily work as well as your effort in wanting to do the work. You and your team never give up and you’re always willing to take on more.

    Mavis L. Gilman
    Director, Healthnet PDM and Capitation
  • A long partnership with Lexicode has been a significant and key contributor to our success. The relationship established between our HIM Department and Lexicode has carried us through vacancies, regulatory changes, and volume increases. The staff at Lexicode are trusted partners.

    Carol McDonald
    VP, Patient Financial Services at Albany Medical Center, Albany, NY
  • Exela's accounts payable automation solution has enabled our center-based employees to focus more on value-added responsibilities, and ultimately, improving patient care.

    Kurt Ohlenbusch
    AVP, Disbursements, Concentra
  • Exela understood the sensitive nature of our sacramental records and was able to devise a turnkey solution that would preserve them forever. In addition, we have much better access to our records whenever we need to search them. We appreciate their efforts on our behalf.

    Ron Walker
    Chancellor, Catholic Diocese of Austin

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Automotive - Auto Parts Retailer

Leading Auto Parts Retailer Utilizes Proof-of-Delivery & Accounts Receivable Solutions  

A leading auto parts retailer was finding it difficult to keep up with the requisite co-mingling of proof-of-delivery (POD) documents while dealing with their monthly customer statements. The retailer was soon overwhelmed by the high processing volumes and realized that there would be a negative impact on cash flow despite using their in-house POD solution.

Accounts Receivable Management

Automotive - BancTec - Commercial Vehicle Manufacturer

Manufacturer Goes Paperless Streamlining Operations & Improving Vendor Satisfaction

The world’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer had heard about the benefits of paperless AP systems, but migrating seemed to be a challenge. However, in order to improve supplier satisfaction, they needed to modernize their systems now.

Automotive - Business Communication Services

National Auto Finance Company Increases Productivity

A national auto finance company had previously engaged SourceHOV to print and distribute several types of communications: collection letters, repossession notices, and other letters, in addition to dealer reports which were to be printed and shipped overnight to over 4,500 locations. However, dealers now wanted to receive reports sooner and requested access to manipulate data. Postage costs were also a concern.

Print and Mail

Automotive – Daimler Trucks

Daimler Trucks Goes Paperless with Vendor Web Portals

Prior to the upgrade of Daimler Trucks North America’s (DTNA) existing SAP ERP platform, invoices and payments were being processed manually. This manual system was inefficient, leading to DTNA analysts spending countless hours on making phone calls, sending emails, confirming receipts, researching missing data, and routing paper to and from vendors.

Accounts Payable Processing

Automotive - National Auto Club

Statement Solutions Offers Membership Card Printing to National Auto Club

With two providers, one for printing and one for production of membership cards, this client was unable to make uniform changes across all of their critical communications in a timely fashion. Moreover, communicating changes to two different providers was becoming increasingly difficult and time consuming.

Print and Mail

Automotive - Auto Finance Company

National Auto Finance Company Streamlines Auto Loan Process

A national auto finance company wanted to reduce the amount of time it took to make credit decisions. Existing operations relied on manual processing, taking two to three days to process each credit application before making a decision about the loan.


Finance & Accounting - BancTec - US Financial Bank

Largest US Financial Bank Streamlines its Letter of Credit Processing in Multiple Countries

Panic ensued when the largest US financial bank discovered that its legacy system was not compliant with IT security standards. With multiple legacy solutions and providers, the biggest challenge was convincing the client that a single vendor could manage the integration while deploying the new solution.


Enterprise Information Management

Financial Transaction Services - BancTec - Payment Processing

Client Improves Payment Processing Operations

This client sought to improve the reliability, efficiency and flexibility of its payment processing operations by consolidating multiple platforms into a single mixed document system. While processing volumes over a six-day week (Monday through Saturday) averaged 15,000 invoices per day, the new system would have to handle peak volumes of up to 50,000 payments daily, and also be capable of absorbing 100% of the processing should one of the facilities go down during a disaster.

Banking - Mortgage

Mortgage & Paperless Origination

One of the nation’s largest, most progressive mortgage companies was faced with the challenges that came with significant growth and increased document volume. The manual, paper-based system they were using was not only time-intensive, but also impeded customer service delivery.


Financial Transaction Services - Global Banking Organization

Large Global Banking Organization Utilizes Financial Transaction Services

This company is one of the largest loan originators and servicers in America. It sought a business partner to deliver on three critical areas for its national Home Loan and Insurance Division.

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