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BancHub is designed to simplify consolidation of multi-national payments. It normalizes, analyzes, and enables straight-through processing for accuracy and fast funds availability. Using BancHub, clients with disparate payment methods are able to lower routing costs and achieve higher data security for cleaner posting.

Key Features



  • Automated straight-through capture
  • Matching and processing
  • Automated exception handling ensures timely processing


  • Real-time and accurate reporting and visibility
  • Effective management insight into cash position

Trends & Benchmarking

  • Leverage trend analysis across payment types for better decisioning
  • Ensure least-cost routing for optimized services management

Enterprise Information Management

  • Digitize and intelligently summarize document content with rules for filtering, searching, and researching
  • Classification and indexing tools package and route documents according to content

Finance & Accounting

  • Invoice consolidating, coupled with expense management, for real-time cash flow visibility
  • Pivot reporting and intuitive revenue forecasting
  • Data aggregation supporting downstream applications

Retail Payments

  • All manner of retail payments: lockbox, card, web, POS, mobile, epresentment
  • Fully customizable applications ensure STP accuracy and fast funds availability
  • Exception handling and settlement

Payment Channels

  • Multi-channel and multi-format payment options including mobile apps, SMS, auto-pay, one-time, kiosk, ACH, and online
  • Secure, centralized management on fully-integrated systems


  • Accurate, real-time currency and cross border conversion
  • Experts in international payments including global consolidation

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