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Exela provides actionable intelligence by analyzing what each customer is facing, how they feel about products and services, and what is most likely to influence their decisions. Whether it be determining collectability of a detractor, or recognizing a 'market maven' whose loyalty needs to be preserved, Exela generates real-time actionable intelligence for loss prevention.

Key Features



  • Configure outreach for optimal rebate and resolution strategies
  • Alleviate customer issues through multi-channel communications or automated customer self-help 

Alerts & Reports

  • Deploy automated/semi-automated alerts and reports for real-time customer monitoring and risk escalation
  • Select rule templates, apply weights, and adjust thresholds

Real-time Customer Insight

  • Aggregate enterprise customer data, social media / open web, and external proprietary sources
  • Develop comprehensive customer profiles by analyzing customer sentiment, usage, events, and influences

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