Featured Stories

  • We look forward to continuing our relationship with Exela for years to come. The contingency, success fee-based engagement has provided an extremely positive, financial bottom-line return, while requiring minimal staff time on our part…

    Academic Health System, Midwest
  • A long partnership with Lexicode [ ICD-10 Coding & consulting brand for Exela ] has been a significant and key contributor to our success.

    Carol McDonald
    VP, Patient Financial Services at Albany Medical Center, Albany, NY
  • Exela's accounts payable automation solution has enabled our center-based employees to focus more on value-added responsibilities, and ultimately, improving patient care.

    Kurt Ohlenbusch
    AVP, Disbursements, Concentra
  • Exela understood the sensitive nature of our sacramental records and was able to devise a turnkey solution that would preserve them forever. In addition, we have much better access to our records whenever we need to search them. We appreciate their efforts on our behalf.

    Ron Walker
    Chancellor, Catholic Diocese of Austin

Case Studies


Streamlining Processes & Updating Workflows

Streamlining Processes and Updating Workflows for a Global Am Law 100 Firm

A full-service, global AmLaw 100 firm composed of twelve offices in major cities across the U.S. When Exela first entered into a contract with this client, we provided mail management and document production services. The chief reasons this client transitioned to Exela from their original document outsourcer was due to our active thought leadership and innovative solution design. Over time, we expanded our services to streamline workflow automation and achieve additional cost savings in ways their previous provider could not offer.


Transforming the Lobby Experience

Transforming the Lobby Experience for a Worldwide Computer Software & Hardware Company

A worldwide leader in software, services, devices, and solutions with a large and distributed US-based campus, and satellite offices across the globe. We designed scalable, comprehensive mail security, routing, and delivery solutions completely unique to the needs of the company and demonstrated our ability to help them solve highly complex business problems.


Outsourced Multichannel Payments Processing

Outsourced Multichannel Payments Processing for a Leading UK Utilities Company

Exela provides document outsourcing services from its Document Processing Center in Harlow (UK), managing the flow of payment records into the client’s customer accounting system through 22 payment channels with approximately 20 FTE. The IT platforms are hosted in Dublin (Ireland) and our operational disaster recovery is provided in Colnbrook (UK).


Exela Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

The decommission of systems providing information to Anthem’s national corporate datacenters required migration to a single WellPoint Group System Provider (WGSP) database. This resulted in multiple searches across dozens of disparate datacenters (EPDS1, ACES, CPMF, CPF); causing off-site direct data capture (DDC) productivity to drop by approximately 30%.


Creating Efficient Document Workflows with Automation

Creating Efficient Document Workflows with Automation to Reduce Total Processing Times

Our client of seven years had an in-house document processing operation with internal processes that were slow and cumbersome. This led to an increase in missed service level agreements (SLAs), and resulted in higher levels of customer dissatisfaction. The client required a solution that not only allowed them to get ahead of the competition, but also allowed the organization to cut costs, decrease cycle time, and improve the quality of inbound document processing.


Scanning Solutions

Providing Right-Sized Labor and Scanning Solutions for a Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company

Headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, this client is a global pharmaceutical company with billions of dollars in annual revenue and nearly 60,000 employees. Exela has maintained a long-term relationship with this company since 1997, providing records management, mail/shipping reception, and print services on-site at their headquarters.


Return Mail Solutions

Reducing mail returns through technology integration.

Each year, the company had difficulties sending privacy notices to over 450,000 customers, receiving a large amount of return mail. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires privacy policies be sent to active customers no less than once annually. The large rate of return mail not only causes many problems with privacy notice mailings, but also with subsequent mailings throughout the year.


Telecom – Worldwide Communications Tower Company

Owner of communications real estate processes large volume of legacy lease agreements in near real-time

A leading independent owner, operator, and developer of wireless and broadcast communication real estate with a global portfolio of ~70,000 sites possessed a large body of legacy lease agreements that they needed to manage and update. Their existing process tasked a large workforce to manually read, analyze, extract, and abstract the contents of the lease agreements


Publishing – Scientific Technical Medical Publisher

Leading STM publisher expedites file structuring and peer review of content using automated metadata extraction solution

A leading Scientific Technical Medical (STM) publisher with a global portfolio of 4000 journals  possessed a large body of legacy and current articles that they needed to peer review, abstract, and pre-edit before proceeding with any other activity of the publishing production. Their existing process tasked a large workforce to manually read, analyze, structure (pre-edit), extract, and abstract the contents of the incoming journal articles


Healthcare - Revenue Integrity Services

Academic Health System Avoids Millions in Lost Revenue and Enhances Future Third Party Payer Returns on New and Renegotiable Agreements

Client was searching for a business partner who could calculate expected reimbursement for all third party payers, based on the respective terms and conditions, utilizing their proprietary software platform. The purpose was to independently identify and recover additional reimbursement (underpayments) rightfully and contractually due from all third party payers.