University Learns the Value of Intelligent Lockers

Case Study

University Learns the Value of Intelligent Lockers

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The existing package reception workflow and operating hours were not satisfying the needs of the student population. Package pickup hours were 8am – 4pm and storage space in the holding area was severely limited, which was always problematic, but especially so during the fall move-in season. Students and staff were both dissatisfied with the service.


Exela installed Intelligent Lockers in a building that shared space with the main dining hall, which extended access to the lockers until 10pm. Proprietary package tracking software was integrated into the locker system to enable automated notifications to be sent to package recipients when an item arrived. The intuitive touchscreen interface on the locker banks provided easy access to students and no possibility of losing a key.

  • Greater flexibility and convenience for students

  • Expanded operating hours, since Intelligent Lockers do not require onsite staff

  • Digital notifications minimized the number of packages left in storage

  • Eased the burden on the mailroom staff

  • Improved package chain-of-custody tracking

  • Greatly increased the security of received packages

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