Human Capital Management

Retailer Uses Digitization to Transform Human Resources


A nationwide retail organization’s expansion and workforce growth placed a huge strain on their internal Human Resources department’s ability to maintain a sufficient level of efficiency and quality of service. Managing and storing paper-based records presented a daunting task as the number of storefronts continued to increase. In particular, they were having difficulty with ongoing recertification of expiring employee documents and the ability to generate timely reporting for auditors.


Exela’s solution was to digitize all existing employee records, and to implement entirely digital onboarding and record-keeping procedures. This solution included a customized onboarding workflow for new hires, added system functionality that addressed the tracking and management of expiring documentation, and dynamic dashboarding capabilities for Human Resources managers.

  • Unified and centralized employee records and associated documents

  • Instant online access to all corporate documentation

  • Improved compliance and legal oversight

  • Rapid information retrieval capabilities

  • Greatly simplified auditing workflows

  • Eco-friendly solution that supports the company’s “green” initiatives


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