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A Major Pharmaceutical Company Saves Millions with Exela Marketing Execution (XME)


The client grappled with a myriad of challenges that hindered their operational efficiency and decision-making capabilities. Disparate systems across various locations in different states meant that there was a lack of consistency in asset fulfillment. This inconsistency was compounded by the high costs associated with producing and procuring marketing materials. Furthermore, a significant gap in their understanding of marketing spend and asset management made it challenging for them to make informed decisions. Amidst these issues, the client's primary aim was to achieve a better return on investment (ROI) through the integration of a single, streamlined solution.


To address the client's challenges, Exela implemented a comprehensive solution that consolidated multiple marketing workflows into a single platform. This not only provided a unified view across assets, campaigns, and locations but also streamlined their operations. Through strategic sourcing, leveraging Exela’s seasoned expertise in people, processes, and technology, we enhanced the client’s supply chain by delivering high-value materials at a substantially reduced cost. Furthermore, our AI-powered analytics and reporting tool, XME, furnished the client with pivotal insights that were instrumental in fine-tuning their messaging for better targeting. This amalgamation of tools and strategies significantly bolstered the client's decision-making process with aggregated reporting at their fingertips.

  • $12.4M in savings
  • 99.8% Print outsource error-free quality assurance
  • 30k+ Total marketing materials and projects delivered over four years


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