Mail of the Future

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Mail of the Future

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A giant in the high tech industry was undergoing a multi-billion dollar renovation to create a collaborative campus environment. Exela was tasked with transforming the end-user experience for mail and logistics services campus-wide. The solution provided had to be hosted on Azure.


Exela’s technology-enabled solutions deliver the first-in-kind, end-to-end user experience revolutionizing traditional onsite mail and logistics services. The system included a one-stop customer portal (accessible via web portal and mobile app), Digital Mailroom, Intelligent Lockers, a white-glove service counter, robotic couriers, Exela’s shipping and receiving tool, our fulfillment platform with inventory management capabilities, and other equipment upgrades.

  • Customer portal provides improved visibility and control

  • Detailed analytics and reporting capabilities

  • Increased convenience and system flexibility

  • Ability to handle greater volumes at higher speed

  • Enhanced user experience

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