Large Healthcare Company Automates Accounts Payable Workflow for Huge Savings and Superb Customer Service


A national health care company was processing more than 50,000 invoices a month. It wanted to improve customer service and patient care across its 308 urgent care facilities. To accomplish this, the company needed to transform its paper-based Accounts Payable workflow, which was causing documents to be lost and payments to vendors delayed. AP workflows among the facilities lacked standardization, integration and visibility. And, there was no efficient system for collecting information from a large number of invoices at once. The company was also unable to find invoices when there was a discrepancy. By automating their AP process, Directors at each center could now re-focus efforts on helping patients.


To achieve its goals, this company decided to replace its existing AP process with an entirely automated workflow. It selected Exela's end-to-end cloud-based BancPay solution for its exceptional invoice management capabilities. Featuring a user-friendly interface, the solution provides easy access to invoice images for routing and approval. As an added benefit, the company's suppliers can check the status of invoice payments online, facilitating greater communication and workflow management.

  • Improved customer service through more accurate payments to vendors
  • Realized savings by reducing AP staff by six employees
  • Reallocated resources for additional customer-service initiatives
  • Increased productivity and visibility into the AP process
  • Expanded opportunities for future automation initiatives