International Coding Resources Solve Staffing Challenges

International Coding Resources Solve Staffing Challenges


A regional healthcare provider was experiencing ongoing difficulty locating and employing a sufficient number of credentialed coding resources, due to the provider's size and the volume of coding work generated. The provider's HIM department had attempted to engage the help of an external coding staffing firm in the past, but this resulted in performance, output, and quality issues. The HIM team knew that external coding resources were needed, but struggled to find an appropriate partner for the work.


LexiCode provided a solution for this provider that included the following:

  • 24/7 access to an international team of dedicated, credentialed coding resources
  • The ability to adjust and scale the solution according to changes in volumes or customer needs
  • A secure connection between coding support, the provider's HIM team, and the medical records
  • A commitment to meet or exceed required turnaround times and accuracy rates
  • A strict quality assurance and compliance program
  • A commitment to achieving agreed upon measures of output quality and productivity
  • 96% MS-DRG accuracy
  • 100% compliance with established SLAs
  • Less than 48-hour turnaround times from original receipt of records
  • Continuous quality assurance and productivity monitoring
  • Open communication and management alignment through domestic resources


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