Infrastructure Upgrades Enable Account Expansion

Digital Mailroom
Case Study

Infrastructure Upgrades Enable Account Expansion

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Fortune 500 supplemental insurance company faced serious mailroom challenges that were hampering business development. Millions of pieces of inbound mail were being processed daily through a people-based, labor-intensive workflow. Time sensitive mail and correspondence was often delayed due to a lack of process visibility and accountability. Inefficiencies in the mail processing workflow were also having a negative impact on call center volumes and overall turnaround times.


Exela overhauled the insurance company’s entire mailroom process to streamline claims, payment, and remittance processing. Legacy systems were replaced with a new technology stack that reduces staff, boost efficiency, and enables the future expansion of the system.

  • PCH Global improves auto-adjudication, shortens cycle times, and enables bidirectional communication

  • Digitization and data extraction from all incoming documents

  • Mobile claims submission portal

  • Premium payment reconciliation

  • Additional opportunities for robotic process automation

  • Improved claims processing service levels

  • 30% reduction in costs

  • Same-day payment processing

  • Reduced reconciliation time

  • Accelerated deposits

  • Extended payment hours

  • Increased transparency

  • Enhanced client experience

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