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Exela's Intelligent Lockers-Optimizing Employee Experience at Insurance Company Global Headquarters


When a large multi-national insurance company relocated its global headquarters to a newly-designed, ultra-modern space in downtown Chicago, it was inspired to take a new and modern approach to office security by restricting personal items on-site, including outwear, handbags, briefcases, and personal devices. As a result, the 1,700 employees located in Chicago would now need a place to store their belongings during the work-day. The idea of “standard” lockers was unappealing for a number of reasons, including aesthetics, cost effectiveness, and practicality. Instead, the company wished to implement an automated, unattended, trackable storage solution for its employees.


To satisfy this dilemma, the company chose Exela Intelligent Lockers, Exela’s automated, unattended, trackable delivery and storage solution, which enables smart, secure, end-to-end chain-of-custody without the hiring of additional staff. Each Intelligent Locker is an automated self-service storage space that locks and unlocks via electronic PIN, RFID badge, or mobile application, generating an auditable record with each click.


Since Exela Intelligent Lockers are custom-configurable based on user requirements, Exela began by working with the company to design custom-configured Exela Intelligent Lockers to meet the requirements of the company’s 1,700 Chicago employees. Employees were assigned lockers of varying sizes to meet their individual needs and asked to create their own personal access PIN through which they could access their individual lockers by keying in the PIN at touchscreen console. Exela also installed RFID readers along the perimeter of locker banks and enabled employees to connect the PIN to their own RFID badge such that employees may access their individual lockers by simply waving their badge on approach. By providing dual methods for accessing lockers, Exela streamlined the process of opening lockers and minimized delays.


The company was pleased that Exela Intelligent Lockers enabled it to achieve its goal of a higher level of on-premise security by restricting personal items in its offices. At the same time, employee experience was optimized via convenient, easy-to-use, private, secure storage. Employees reported high degree of satisfaction with the process of storing and accessing personal items and confidence in the security of stored items


Personal item storage with a sleek, modern aesthetic appeal

  • No additional staffing required
  • Quick, easy, streamlined access to stored items even during busy times
  • No lost keys or misremembered combinations.
  • Tracking of open/close transactions offers analyzable data for insights and improvements