Exela Tackles Print to Mail Backlog and Workflow Issues for a US Federal Department Vendor

Exela Tackles Print to Mail Backlog and Workflow Issues for a US Federal Department Vendor


A legacy vendor for a US Federal Department struggled to print and mail critical benefits letters, resulting in a rapidly growing backlog. Multiple steps in the print and mail processes caused further delays in delivery to recipients. Finally, the lack of business intelligence capabilities left the department without the means to fully assess the current status of mail and its impact. 

The vendor engaged Exela for a solution that provided complete transparency into every stage of the process from preparation to mailing documents, tackling their legacy backlog, and streamlining the processing moving forward. With this solution in place, the vendor anticipated a reduction in their backlog, insight into their print and mail processes, and prompt delivery of mail.



Exela employed a consultative approach for a modular solution tailored to the department’s use-case which resulted in an agile, quick, and efficient implementation of the solution. 

Adhering to the department’s security and compliance requirements, Exela implemented segregated operations in two geographically diverse facilities, both with disaster recovery capability. 

Exela’s solution also tackled the legacy backlog while moving forward with streamlining the vendor’s print and mail processes. The solution accelerated the reduction of the existing backlog and ensured timely and accurate delivery of mail. 

To streamline the process, Exela simplified the workflow from a multi-vendor solution to a single entity, cutting down unnecessary steps in the print and mail process while accurately delivering mail on time or ahead of schedule. 

Finally, Exela enhanced transparency with its solution allowing the department to view the real-time status of each piece of mail.


  • Mobilized rapidly and efficiently, implementing solution in 73 days
  • Produced over 1 million letters and eliminated incumbent backlogs in 45 days of production  
  • Provided automated real-time status for each letter
  • Recipients receive critical benefit letters on-time or in advance
  • Reduced legacy backlog, ingested as part of solution

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