Exela Provides Industry-Leading High-Speed Scanner Resulting in Decreased Labor Costs for a BPO Provider

Exela Provides Industry-Leading High-Speed Scanner Resulting in Decreased Labor Costs for a BPO Provider


A business process outsourcing (BPO) service provider with offices around the country needed an overhaul of its current scanning operations to tackle a legacy backlog for several large clients. The amount of scanning required multiple desktop scanners with multiple operators, resulting in high labor costs.

The BPO provider faced several complications during the project including aggressive deadlines and significant labor challenges. The labor issues included the number of employees needed to operate multiple desktop scanners, high turnover of employees and rising labor costs coupled with the difficulty of hiring and onboarding operators. These labor challenges caused further operational delays.



The BPO provider turned to Exela for a solution to tackle the project in a timely manner while decreasing labor costs. Exela introduced the IntelliScan Raptor, an industry-leading scanner with exceptional speed, superior image quality, and unparalleled paper handling and sorting capabilities.

The Exela solution also included Exela’s capture application. After the Exela field service technician installed and tested the Raptor, Exela’s dedicated trainer was on site for two days which included operational training and observation of production scanning. The BPO provider was confident they could meet the demanding timeline of the project and that Exela’s field service team with their extensive experience maintaining high-volume, mission-critical environments, would be there if needed.

The Raptor significantly increased the BPO provider’s efficiency. With its high throughput based on a scanning speed of 240 pages per minute, the Raptor scanner accomplished the work of two and a half of the legacy scanners. Due to the Raptor’s efficiency and speed, the BPO provider was able to minimize the labor challenges by eliminating the need to hire additional operators resulting in reduced labor costs.


  • Operational efficiency resulting in reduced labor costs by as much as 50%
  • Ability to meet deadlines based on speed
  • Quick 4 hour response time for maintenance
  • Reduced risk of operational delays with on-site technician support
  • Enhanced flexibility, security, and scalability through new feature for user role and restriction settings on a per-job basis


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