Employee Storage Solution for Insurance Company

Case Study

Employee Storage Solution for Insurance Company

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An insurance company with headquarters in Chicago does not allow employees to bring their personal belongings into their new work environment. This restriction includes all personal items, such as: coats, briefcases, handbags, etcetera. Employees needed a place to store their belonging while they worked, but old-fashioned combination or keyed lockers were not an ideal solution.


Exela’s Intelligent Lockers provided an convenient, intuitive, and secure storage option. Employees were assigned lockers of varying size to meet their individual needs. In addition to each employee establishing a PIN for personal locker access, sensors were included in the locker banks to recognize employee badges. This allowed employees to simply wave their badge in front of a sensor to access their locker, which prevented long lines from forming when many employees needed access their personal storage at the beginning and end of the workday.

  • Personalized locker access via PIN or badge

  • Quick and easy storage access

  • No key to lose or unfamiliar numbers to memorize

  • Improved visibility and reporting related to locker usage

  • Enhanced employee experience

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