Digital Mailroom Provides Significant Value for Major Telecom


A major telecom company with a high percentage of mobile workers was struggling to run an agile mail operation across the 100+ floors at their corporate headquarters and another 85 mailroom locations. The company was interested in reducing costs and delivery times, managing mail for its remote workforce, and improving chain-of-custody tracking for important legal documents across multiple key departments.


Exela’s Digital Mailroom (DMR) solution was a natural extension to the staffing and support services that were already being provided to this customer. DMR includes mail intake, sorting, scanning, information extraction, routing and data storage. These services had a marked impact on the customers operations, which created a less expensive and more productive mail handling process, better custody tracking and audit capabilities, and an improved user experience for remote workers.

  • Office of the President: Reduced onsite labor demand by 255 minutes per day

  • Legal Correspondence Group: Reduced onsite labor demands by 45 minutes per day

  • Subpoena Group: Reduced onsite labor demands by 55 minutes per day

  • Unified web portal increased overall employee convenience

  • Improved risk mitigation through secure, digital mail

  • Significant postage savings due to mobile workforce receiving digital mail


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