Cloud-Based Remittance Processing

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Cloud-Based Remittance Processing

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A leading midwestern bank had remittance processing operations spread across multiple bank-operated processing centers, using onsite software and hosting solutions that required costly maintenance and data synchronization procedures. Processing volumes were down and this made it difficult to justify the high costs of dispersed operations. Additionally, the bank was exposed to a high degree of risk in the event of a disaster, due to a recovery model that included the use of an unstaffed third-party site several states away.


Exela migrated the bank to a “hub-and-spoke” model, leveraging our cloud-based remittance processing platform, which includes proprietary scanning and data management systems. The platform is hosted and maintained by Exela at a secure, fully redundant processing center (hub). The bank was able to reduce its bank-operated sites down to one (spoke), which eliminated much of the bank’s overhead and its management burden related to remittance processing. The flexibility inherent to this operating model, and the associated transaction-based pricing, allows for Exela-processed volumes to ramp up and down as needed.

Implementing the hub-and-spoke model also allowed for a small percentage of remittance volume to be processed in a shared-services environment at an Exela site that is regionally separated from the bank’s site, but close enough for efficient reshipment of mail in the event of a disaster. During such an event, total processing volume can be immediately absorbed by Exela’s operation, which better protects business continuity and enables the bank to reduce expenses associated with maintaining its own systems and its costly third-party site.

  • Flexible operations with easy ramp up and down, depending on volume

  • Reduced maintenance and management burdens

  • Increased processing speed and accuracy

  • Lower total costs of ownership

  • Superior disaster recovery capabilities

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