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#PluggedIN Q4 2020

Digitization Nation: How Technology is Revolutionizing the Public Sector

  • The United States: A Brief History and Case Study in Bureaucracy
  • Records Management: The Low Hanging Fruit
  • Improving Efficiency Through Automation and Integration
  • User Experience in the Public Sector
  • Public-Private Partnerships as the Key to Public Sector Efficiency
#PluggedIN Q3 2020

The Future of Payments

  • The Past, Present, and Future of Payments
  • Request to Pay: Payment Meets Communication
  • The Rise of Real-Time Payments
  • Integrating & Automating: From Procurement to Payment
#PluggedIN Q1 2020

COVID-19: A Tipping Point for Remote Work

  • Remote Work: Were You Ready?
  • Remote Work is Here to Stay... Here's Why
  • 14 Remote Work Statistics, B.P. (Before the Pandemic)
  • Innovative Solutions to Remote Work's Biggest Challenges
  • 7 Ways Remote Work is Good for Business
  • How to Make Remote Working Work
#PluggedIN Q4 2019

Tell Us Where it Hurts

How Tech Can Heal Healthcare

  • How Information Management Can Heal Healthcare
  • A Brief History of Electronic Health Records
  • The Current State of Healthcare Interoperability
  • One Small Coding Error, One Giant Step Backwards for Public Health
  • Leveraging Information Management for Better Healthcare
  • Healthcare Automation
#PluggedIN Q3 2019

A Leap Into The Breach: Leveraging Cybersecurity to Master Your Domain

  • Security Transformation
  • A Leap Into the Breach
  • 21 Staggering Security Statistics
  • How the Bad Guys Get In
  • How to Keep the Bad Guys Out
  • The 8 Worst Data Breaches in History
  • What Rules Govern Your Enterprise Data Security
  • Putting Security First: 10 Questions to Ask
  • The Security Standards Exela Meets
#PluggedIn Q2 2019

Digital Transformation: The Real Deal

  • The Ins and Outs of Digital Transformation
  • Setting the Stage for Digital Transformation
  • Financial Services: A Lesson in Successful Digital Transformation
  • Shaking things up with Business Model Innovation
  • Why do Companies Keep Getting it Wrong?
#PluggedIN Q4 2018

Understanding Business Process Automation

  • What Is Business Process Automation?
  • A Brief History of Automation
  • Catching Up With Consumer Technology
  • Hidden Disruption
  • Exela’s Business Process Automation Journey
  • Exela Fully Charged
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