Digital Mailroom for Disaster Recovery

Digital Mailroom for Disaster Recovery


In the wake of stay-at-home orders meant to slow the spread of COVID-19, a Los Angeles-based law firm, with two other offices in the US, was struggling to fully adapt to remote work. They found that they still needed to periodically send employees to the office in order to collect business-critical mail. This process was proving to be inefficient, mail was delayed, and employees were being exposed to unnecessary risk. A backlog of mail had been building up at the firm’s offices, and a mail solution was needed that could be implemented very quickly, but also one that upheld strict security standards related to the handling of legal documents. The firm was looking for a partner that could implement a better mail system within days, while also providing chain of custody tracking and full information security.


Exela’s Digital Mailroom (DMR) and web-based DMR Portal provide the perfect solution for distributing physical mail to remote workers via an electronic medium. In response to COVID-19, Exela developed a new Rapid Response Digital Mail Solution capable of being implemented within just 10 days. In this case, Exela’s Rapid Response Team worked closely with the customer to present a solution proposal within 48 hours. Shortly afterwards, a complete statement of work was able to be finalized that satisfied the Business Requirements Document, desired scope of work (SOW), and rapid deployment requirements. Exela offered to address the backlog of mail as well as 100% of future mail volumes, and also offered to arrange the pickup and transfer of physical mail at the customer’s location in order to prevent disruption to their business. A PO box was established for the customer and a process was put in place to route all mail from the PO box to one of Exela’s nearby mail processing centers. This ensured that the firm would not have to physically retrieve any incoming mail once the Digital Mailroom process was implemented. Within 10 days of signing the SOW, Exela was receiving, processing, and distributing the customer’s mail. In addition to providing resources capable of handling 100% of the firm’s mail volume, Exela’s distributed network of processing facilities and cloud-hosted data management capabilities ensure layered disaster recovery protections. Digital Mailroom customers are always protected by the full business continuity planning and processing redundancies that are made possible by a global operational footprint and flexible, location-agnostic software platforms.

  • Solution deployable within 10 days
  • Strengthened information security
  • Cost savings through the elimination of remailing
  • Rapidly scalable operations
  • Cloud-hosted anytime, anywhere access to mail
  • Easy-to-use platform requires minimal training
  • Business continuity planning and multiregional disaster recovery protections
  • Ability to build on the foundational solution to launch downstream processing using Exela or third-party workflow solutions
  • Makes paper mail searchable and easily shareable
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