Ways the Legal Industry Can Use Digital Mailroom


Ways the Legal Industry Can Use Digital Mailroom

by Lauren Cahn

What is digital mail?

Digital mail (or “D-Mail”) refers to a web-based, end-to-end workflow solution that electronically manages your organization’s intake and distribution of inbound mail. Using state-of-the-art technology that enables intelligent data extraction, indexing, and electronic delivery, a digital mailroom automatically routes paper mail to the proper recipient—but without the need for paper or an actual mailroom. Want to know exactly how D-Mail works? Join us as we follow a piece of incoming paper mail through the D-Mail process here.

D-Mail has the power to benefit virtually ANY organization

Digitizing you’re your organization’s mail intake and distribution system is an important first step in the direction of a more sustainable, paper-free office. That’s a really important goal, and one Exela takes seriously. But it’s just one of many reasons D-Mail is such a game-changer, which also include:

  • Strategic re-allocation of human capital - Adopting a digital mailroom allows you to vastly reduce the number of person-hours you’re allocating to the opening, sorting, and in-office delivering of mail. This allows for new and improved re-allocations of human resources for increased productivity and improved efficiency, and perhaps even happier employees. This applies not only to mail personnel but to all personnel because, honestly, who doesn’t waste a whole bunch of time every single day dealing with incoming mail?
  • Reduction of human error - Digital mail reduces, if not eliminates, human error involved in sorting and distributing inbound mail. No more mis-deliveries. No more unattended piles of paper. No more unnecessary copies made for the wrong people.
  • Automatic electronic audit trail of all mail activity - D-mail translates into an electronic audit trail of all mail activity (volume of delivery, delivery time, trends, etc.) for better insight and analytics, especially if you apply such solutions as Cognitive Automation to identify trends, patterns, risk profiles, and produce accurate predictions at the touch of a button. 
  • Automatic notifications and reminders - That envelope sitting on your desk isn’t going to remind you, itself, that you need to open it and deal with the contents. But D-Mail will, pinging you to remind you that you have mail that needs to opened and mail-related tasks that need to be dealt with.
  • Paper documents have a natural entry into automated workflows - Paper isn’t particularly useful when it comes to automated workflows. When you get your mail via D-Mail, your invoices get routed to your finance department’s payment processes. Your claims get routed to claims processing. Your customer inquiries get pulled into your marketing channels

D-Mail possesses super-powers for the legal industry

D-Mail is especially beneficial in the practice of law, particularly in law firms. In addition to the benefits that would be applicable to any organization, these are all specifically applicable to law firms:

Learn more about what else Exela can do to optimize your legal business (spoiler alert: it’s not always just about the technology).