The Traditional Mailroom: Nice While It Lasted?

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The Traditional Mailroom: Nice While It Lasted?

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by Lauren Cahn

We’ve all heard the tale of the kid who worked his way up from the mailroom and ended up right where you’re sitting. It’s a sweet and inspiring story, no doubt--especially if you happen to be that kid in the mailroom. But if you’re reading this, chances are it’s been a while since you’ve actually even seen the mailroom. Come to think of it, do you still even have a mailroom? Yeah, well, unfortunately, that pile of postal junk and misdelivered mail cluttering your desk says that you do.

The question is, should you?

While it’s nice to imagine a paper-free office, the reality is the world isn’t quite there yet. But the fact that traditional mail remains a reality (for now) doesn’t mean you have to settle for processing it through a traditional mailroom. Certainly not when you have the option of going in Digital Mailroom, Exela Technologies’ innovative solution to the traditional mailroom. With Digital Mailroom, you’ll see traditional mail, along with your traditional mailroom, rendered all but obsolete within your organization--even as the rest of the world is busy catching up.

So, what exactly is Digital Mailroom?

Digital Mailroom is a web-based, end-to-end workflow solution that electronically manages your organization’s intake and distribution of inbound mail. Using state-of-the-art technology that enables intelligent data extraction, indexing, and electronic delivery, Digital Mailroom automatically routes paper mail to the proper recipient—but without the need for paper or an actual mailroom.

How exactly does Digital Mailroom work?

To put it simply, Digital Mailroom serves as your virtual mailroom. To illustrate exactly how that works, let’s follow a piece of incoming paper mail through the Digital Mailroom process:

  1. The paper mail is received at Exela’s onsite or offsite mail processing centers.
  2. The envelope and its contents are scanned, creating digital images via OCR and ICR engines.
  3. Exela’s intelligent data-capture technology extracts information from the images (including date, sender, and recipient) and identifies and indexes the contents based on machine-learned algorithms to determine the action be taken (options include electronic delivery or storage and physical delivery).
  4. The “mail” is then routed and delivered pursuant to your pre-set enterprise rules and/or the end-recipient’s preferences.
  5. If further action is required, an image of the envelope is sent to the end-recipient with prompts for further action.

Advantages of Digital Mailroom

Digitizing your organization’s mail intake and distribution system through Digital Mailroom will take your organization in the direction of a more sustainable, paper-free office, and that’s a benefit “virtually” anyone can get behind. But in the process, you’ll also see improvements in all these areas:

Use of space

Digital Mailroom means you can repurpose much, if not all, of the space your organization had devoted to mail processing and ultimately to storage space for unnecessary hard copies of incoming mail. You can even consider eliminating that space altogether. Either way, expect to see a decrease in your real estate spending.

  1. Efficiency and productivity
    Digital Mailroom means you can eliminate man-hours spent opening, sorting, and delivering physical mail, affording your organization the opportunity to reallocate your organization’s human resources for increased productivity and improved efficiency. It also means your employees will automatically be reminded of actions they need to take vis a vis incoming mail, adding up to improved performance overall.
  2. Accuracy, security and compliance
    Digital Mailroom removes a significant portion of the human error factor from the process of sorting and distributing inbound mail. In addition to improved efficiency and productivity, that adds up to a reduction (if not elimination) of unattended paper and unintended security breaches.
  3. Analytics and intelligence
    Digital Mailroom translates into an effective audit trail of mail activity, as well as transparency into volume and delivery, mail recipients, delivery time, trends, and SLA management.

In addition, Digital Mailroom synchs up seamlessly with Exela’s other proprietary project management technology. In other words, your decision to take your mail digital through Digital Mailroom is not only a significant innovative step but a move in the direction of more fully modernizing and taking your enterprise to the next level.

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