People Behind Our Tech: Digital Mailroom (DMR)

Digital Mailroom
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People Behind Our Tech: Digital Mailroom (DMR)

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by Toni

Sitting Down with Toni DuGal: Digital Mailroom (DMR)

What do you see for the future of Digital Mailroom?

We expect our Digital Mailroom solution to revolutionize how customers use technology to digitize content, enhance processes, rationalize data, and communicate with stakeholders. Typically, customer mail is processed and delivered in a physical manner with no intelligence associated with “what is in the envelope.” I believe implementing our Digital Mailroom solution will dramatically enhance current operational efficiency and business intelligence and provide an end-to-end connected platform supporting a DigitalNow strategy.

How does Digital Mailroom help now? Are there any differentiation factors?

Digital Mailroom replaces physical mail handling with electronic distribution and integrates a variety of digital intake methods. This provides benefits for an ever-increasing mobile workforce with faster, easier access to business-critical content. Digitization also reduces document storage space and effectively eliminates lost document recreation efforts.

Exela differentiates its Digital Mailroom solution through integration with a broad set of other office technology requirements within our Exela SmartOffice™ product suite, which provides interconnected workplace technologies that power the modern office. Exela SmartOffice™ technologies enable the automation of routine processes, enhances employees and visitor experiences, and accommodates the increase in the mobile workforce.

Exela also provides innovative features within its Digital Mailroom solution, including onsite and offsite location options, forecast modules, integration with voice, return mail management, minimization of junk mail, eSignature, and mail analytics.

With deep business processing experience, Exela can also support not only the ingestion of mail, we can also connect the digital content and fully manage and execute the back end processing of business transactions within our Business Process Automation suite, consisting of our high automation Business Process Outsourcing services and Enterprise Software as a Service.

Why would you recommend Digital Mailroom to others?

To maintain competitiveness, clients should address any area with the opportunity to improve efficiency and create new insight; empower people and enhance decision making; and increase security and compliance. A Digital Mailroom provides those benefits through an end-to-end mail management solution that transforms physical or digital mail to make it searchable, shareable, and secure with integrated workflow automation capability.

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