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The Exela Blog
Earth Day 2018
Apr 24, 2018
Nick Rossetti

This quarter, the Exela team celebrated Earth Day, which began on April 22, 1970, and has been a driving force in promoting sustainability awareness ever since. Doing our part, Exela helps digitize its customer’s processes, which helps reduce the amount of paper organizations use on a daily basis.

Protecting our earth and climate is paramount, and at Exela we believe that every organization can promote sustainability from within. Our teams work to ensure that our offices and customer locations remain environmentally friendly, engaging in eco-conscious activity such as purchasing Energy Star certified IT equipment, and enacting best practice innovations in our day-to-day activities that help create sustainable value. Exela’s technology can help once-manual, paper-intensive processes become eco-friendly through scanning and electronic archival, among other paper-reducing technologies.

One part of Exela’s business that has undergone a green makeover is our mailing solutions. Some of the efforts include using our technology to reduce undeliverable mail pieces, which directly helps reduce carbon emissions, and consolidating mailings through “house-holding” – combining multiple communications into a single envelope. Paper-based companies can use and waste a tremendous amount of paper, which has a direct effect on deforestation and the quality of our air. At Exela, we are conscious of our paper usage, and we believe that digitization of processes can help combat this growing problem. Technology that is now becoming commonplace as organizations undergo digital transformations has the power to help lower the deforestation rate, and limit the amount of paper used in day-to-day processes.

We hope that everyone spent some of Earth Day outside, enjoying Mother Earth! And for those who are feeling inspired to help reduce the amount of paper used in everyday life, the World Wildlife Foundation has ideas on how to use less paper in the office – every effort helps. At Exela, we hope to be part of the solution, so that we can continue proudly celebrating Earth Day!