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10 Staggering Statistics on Security in Digital Transformation
Jul 12, 2019
Lauren Cahn

Digital transformation holds the promise of enhancing efficiency, increasing productivity, improving customer experience, and boosting revenues, but it’s not without risk. As more data is converted into actionable intelligence and more systems integrated with one another and the internet, the places where breaches may occur (i.e. attack surfaces) are steadily proliferating. Attack surfaces provide opportunities for unauthorized access to your systems or data or both, risking both the integrity and the privacy thereof—and not just yours, but also potentially those of end users.

Our latest issue of PluggedIN addresses the proliferation of attack surfaces as a result of digital transformation, as well as many other security-related topics, including best practices for holding the potential attackers at bay and what security issues you should be keeping in mind when choosing a digital transformation partner.

Here are some chilling statistics to give you a sense of just how serious an issue security is in the age of digital transformation:

Security Statistics Infographic