Banking Strategies

Banks and fintechs: Why the future looks brighter together

February 14, 2019
Michael J. Alfonsi

Conventional wisdom would have us believe that banks and fintech startups mix about as well as oil and water. And on one hand, there’s some truth in that. Ever since small, agile fintechs began emerging, many regulatory bodies and traditional financial institutions have regarded them with...

Terry Holash: Intelligent Lockers

People Behind Our Technology

February 7, 2019
Terry Holash

What do you see for the future of Intelligent Lockers? The future for our Intelligent locker systems is limitless. It is a natural fit with our Digital Mailroom and Shipping & Receiving solutions. As we learn more about the opportunities, we understand the impact we can make on the industry,...


To Prevent Fraud, Healthcare Organizations Must Streamline Their Data Processes

January 24, 2019
Suresh Yannamani

In 2018, Venmo suffered from a high volume of fraudulent transactions. Instead of taking measures to tightly control its data, the company responded by simply eliminating certain features. Only 2 percent of customers conducted transactions via the Venmo website, but the website accounted for 15...


Three Ways Health Execs Can Increase Star Ratings

January 16, 2019
Austin Gispanski

When CMS implemented the Five-Star Quality Rating System, the agency aimed to improve the quality of care and strengthen protection for beneficiaries. Using a scale of one to five stars, these ratings gauge how well a given healthcare plan (payer) covers a patient and meets federal guidelines and...

Business Intelligence

Self-Service Business Intelligence—Why Companies Love It

December 11, 2018
BethAnn Woolcock

Data for the Masses Business intelligence (BI) is no longer confined to bulky centralized data warehouses owned by IT. As the reliance on data and analytics becomes more prevalent across all industries and business types, the need for greater access among different departments and users has grown... posted November 2, 2018: Considering Automation for Your SMB? Here's How to Get Started.

November 2, 2018
Suresh Yannamani

Businesses small and large can get ahead of the competition with automation. Is your business ready to make the switch? When I talk to business leaders about why they are pursuing automation, their focus is on making their processes more efficient, more effective and less costly. Still, I am... posted November 8, 2018: PayThink Real-time payments data fills credit gaps for banks.

November 8, 2018
Michael J. Alfonsi

For years, banks have had to base lending decisions on credit scores, despite the fact that they don't paint a full picture of borrowers' liquidity. That's because liquidity is still mainly understood from an accounting perspective: current assets minus current liabilities. Real-time payments... posted November 8, 2018: Your Biggest Obstacle to Growth May Lie Within Your Own 4 Walls.

November 8, 2018
Matt Brown

In a crowded marketplace dominated by giants like WeChat, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, it was no surprise that the Japanese chat app Line failed to expand beyond a few core regions in Asia. What was unexpected, though, is that the firm has raised upwards of $1.3 billion, and that that sum won'...

Exela Wears Pink on Wednesdays!

Exela Wears Pink on Wednesdays!

October 17, 2018
Nick Rossetti

Team Exela believes that raising awareness and funds for important causes is part of our corporate social responsibility and, more importantly, part of good citizenship. This month we are trying to do our part to raise funds for breast cancer research. Additionally, our team will wear pink on...